When a Hotel or Resort Just Isn’t The Right Fit for Your Getaway…

Whether you’re dreaming of visiting Turks & Caicos, Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tuscany, or the Greek Isles, the most natural thing to do is to research all of the top hotels in the area. However, there’s another more immersive way to explore cities and destinations near and far: stay in a private home, villa, or even a castle!

These properties offer me the chance to unlock the doors to accommodations that include anywhere from two to 20 bedrooms, which means that I can design everything from an intimate soiree with friends or family to a large milestone celebration. And, many of the properties that I have access to have more to them than just a place to rest at the end of the day. Instead, many are fully staffed, include exclusive experiences that you might not be able to find on your own, and they still maintain incredible value.

Just this week, I am designing bachelor and bachelorette long weekend getaways, a milestone anniversary celebration for a large family, and a ski trip for a group of friends who travel together to a new ski destination every year- each in private villas and properties. So if you would like to know if a private residence is the best option for your next vacation, let’s explore the ins and outs together! 

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