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Whether you are searching for the perfect honeymoon in Bora Bora, following your genealogical history in England, seeking adventure in Africa, food and wine tours through France, complete relaxation in the Caribbean, or just a weekend away close to home, Oxford Travel Selection can design your perfect escape.

Alison will contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation within two business days after receipt of this form.

Following the consultation, and provided you are ready to move forward, Oxford Travel Selection will charge a nonrefundable planning and design fee starting at $250.00 USD.  This planning and design fee covers the time involved in creating a personalized itinerary for you and providing everything that you need from the very early stages of planning until you have returned home from your trip.

However, if you are looking for a simple hotel or resort stay with our added complimentary perks and VIP treatment, and you have already made all (or nearly all) of the decisions, please email us directly as a planning and design fee may be waived for this type of situation and we would love to discuss your needs.