Safari Through the Landscapes that Inspired “The Lion King”

I think that it’s safe to say that one of the most anticipated films of 2019 is Disney’s live-action remake of “The Lion King”. Between watching trailers as they were released, reading behind-the-scenes details, and soaking up all of the beauty of the landscapes the creative team designed, I had been counting down the days until the film finally hit in theaters! “The Lion King” will begin inspiring a new audience of viewers this summer, and I am thrilled for the movie to spark a desire in even more people to travel to the land that inspired the film – Africa.

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.” – The Lion King

The resounding response I always hear from clients who have traveled to Africa and experienced a safari is it’s simply transformative. The natural landscapes provide views that are astounding and beautiful, and it sets the stage to view the wildlife that calls that landscape home in their natural habitat. Game drives are always timed for the windows when animals are known to be their most active on their own. As you view the sights surrounding you, you will feel as though you are living that most famous song, the “Circle of Life”. Your moments will never be staged. Instead, you will view the dance of nature as it unfolds in front of you.

To inspire you to embark on your own safari adventure, I thought I would go into more detail about 5 of the most common themes and topics that I explore with my clients as we plan their adventure. If you take away nothing else from this guide, I hope this fact resonates with you: safari is for everyone!

Safari is for Every Stage of Life:

One of the most common safari trips that I design is for honeymooners. However, your honeymoons is not the only time to go on a safari. Instead, I also very highly recommend safari for:

  • Families: Once children reach the ages of 7-9 years old, they are officially a prime age to not only enjoy but also remember their experience. Celebrating milestone birthdays, like 16, 18, and 21, as well as milestone occasions, like high school or college graduations, are also wonderful times to go on safari as a family.
  • Multi-Generational Groups: Whether you’re traveling with many generations of your family or a vast group of friends, safari is a universal trip everyone can enjoy at nearly any age.
  • Solo Travelers: Many safari groups include 6-12 people, so solo travelers can seamlessly feel included! Safari is also a great way to travel alone without being completely on your own. Solo travelers make up many of the clients that I send on safari!

Adventure with a Range of Price Points:

When clients think about a safari budget, they sometimes think that it is completely out of reach. But, that doesn’t have to be the case! For every ultra-luxury safari that I design, there is a counterpart that promises to be equally as wonderful with a lower price point. I know that I can find a safari for you that meets both your dreams and your budget!

Custom-Tailored Experiences:

There are nearly countless scenarios and ways to experience safari. Be it expansive lodges or mobile tented camps, the Big 5 or primates and gorillas, animal conservation (collaring lions for tracking and research anyone?!) or community experiences with the local tribes; safari is completely customizable based on what is most important to you and that customization is where I specialize!

Go Beyond Safari:

After seeing “The Lion King”, a safari will be in the forefront of so many minds! However, there are many additional ways to explore the beautiful continent of Africa. I have an entire arsenal of ideas at my fingertips, but two of my favorite safari combinations are Cape Town/Winelands Region/Safari or Bush + Beach, which is safari followed by a relaxing stay on one of the nearby Ocean Islands! Track lions and elephants and then relax in the Seychelles like William and Kate, perhaps?

Plan in Advance:

Because a safari has so many intricate planning and design details, it’s best to start working with me as far in advance as possible. I always encourage my clients to start working with me up to 16 months in advance, if possible. In addition to getting the best rates and availability, there are so many details that I can customize, and I want to have every option at the ready to ensure that your trip is exactly the one you’ve been dreaming of experiencing. If you are even remotely thinking of safari sometime within the next few years, let’s start chatting now about general ideas and budgeting- both financial and time away from home!

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